When Gruppo Gamma was set up in 2013, the primary motive was to revive the spirit of olde tool watches - most notably those built for combat divers from days gone by.

Gruppo Gamma Nexus Tool Watch

In 2019, Gruppo Gamma is introducing the Nexus collection. Like its forebears the timepiece is inspired by vintage diving instruments, but with a twist. Back in the day, frogmen performing underwater operations typically wore on their wrists three types of instruments - compass, wristwatch and depth gauge. Much has been said and done about the watch, but now Gruppo Gamma have taken inspiration from the depth gauge instead.

The Nexus uses a special wandering hour complication. First seen in the market some years ago, Gruppo Gamma has now adopted it to give the Nexus a distinct character that is reminiscent of the vintage diving instrument.

Gruppo Gamma Nexus Tool Watch


Current Models:

Gruppo Gamma Nexus NG-01

Gruppo Gamma Nexus NG-02

Gruppo Gamma Nexus NV-02

Gruppo Gamma Nexus ND-02